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The Importance of Disability Voter Registration

Self-advocate Jason Silverman, Adrian Park Executive Committee representative and SCDP delegate, attended the “Drive Up/Drop In” Disability Voter Registration event on July 17. Jason talks about the importance of unifying and “getting to work.”

“If you’re like me, watching then candidate Donald Trump take down New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski by mocking his chronic joint disability made me upset and also afraid,” said Silverman. “This bullying and threatening has got to stop. That’s why we’re here.”

Silverman stressed that HCDP welcomes all people and works to ensure registration and voting rights are protected for everyone.

“When I finished my Partners in Policymaking workshops, I was ready to raise my voice,” he said. “The treatment of Serge Kovaleski, the reporter that Trump mocked, cannot and will not be tolerated. Tom Harkin, who worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign is a prominent leader on disability policy. He said “Democrats believe in working together and bringing people with disabilities in to develop policy. Donald Trump? He makes fun of people with disabilities. That’s a throwback to half a century ago”.

It’s hard work to be a self-advocate with a disability, Silverman added, noting that he has for several terms and is now his Precinct Executive Committee person, and was elected as a State Convention delegate. “The 2019 Convention was totally amazing and made me very proud,” said Silverman.

“If you have a disability, you should consider working with the Democratic Party,” he advised. “We have a voice. Do some door knocking, some phone banking and work with the clubs and committees. There’s lots of work to do and you are much needed.”

Self-advocate, Deon Taylor (shown next to Jason on the right in the photo), Marion County Democratic Party Chair said, “We are fighting in a war. When we help people, there is no telling what can happen.”

Members of the disabled community may contact HCDP headquarters at 843-488-4237 for help and information on voter registration and volunteering.

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