Together. Strong. We CAN Make a Difference!

Together. Strong. We CAN Make a Difference!

Horry County Democrats are continuously working together toward positive outcomes in our community. Volunteers are busily engaged in various efforts to “Turn Horry Blue” and we are actively seeking more participants! Whether you are a party veteran or have a newfound desire to get involved, there are several meaningful ways in which YOU can make a difference.

Is communication your strong point? HCDP’s Public Relations Committee sets and implements communications strategies to ensure a consistent message in our press and media releases, our newsletter, website, video and social media. Could you become a public spokesperson on our behalf, willing to be interviewed by local media? Do you have writing skills you’d like to use as a “Mighty Pen” through letters to the editor, op ed pieces, newsletter articles, or the like? Do you have technical skills that could help support HCDP’s website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts? This is your committee!

Do you have experience in raising money for worthwhile goals? You can help HCDP continue to be a positive force in our community. Our Fundraising Committee works throughout the year to raise the funds necessary to reach goals effectively. This team currently supports an annual appeal, our annual SHORE dinner, and will soon be hosting our first-ever golf tournament. These efforts require people who can interact with businesses and the public and just as important, requires help from people who are willing to work behind the scenes.

Let’s get the vote out! The Voter Committee is a year-round effort to engage voters. This team is looking for people to directly engage voters through door knocking, phone banking, and voter registration and education efforts. During the election period we also need people to help “get out the vote” and poll watch. While we encourage everyone to participate in all activities, we are happy to welcome those who are comfortable supporting even one or two of these efforts.

Interested in becoming a candidate? Know someone who might be interested? The objective of Horry County Democratic Party’s Candidate Committee is to have viable candidates running for every office. If you’d like to become one of them, or know of someone who might, come and talk to us. The Committee needs people to help identify quality candidates, educate them, and support them during the election and beyond.

Our Gun Sense team is currently involved in action to effect legislation to close the Charleston loophole, through education, vigils, and discussion. This committee supports current legislation moving though the state legislature.

Voter Protection members participate in monthly discussions and in action to educate voters about problems identified with SCDP Voter Protection efforts. The most recent project involved urging people to get permanent voter registration cards and bringing attention to the need for witness signatures on mail-in ballots.

A group that is engaged in Prevention of Offshore Drilling for Oil & Gas partners with like-minded groups up and down the coast of South Carolina. The team uses education and activism to help keep our oceans and beaches safe and healthy.

The LGBT Committee exists for the purpose of providing support for marginalized populations, especially youths; for educating party membership, schools, clergy, family members and general public; to affect legislation and to improve voter turnout, demonstrating a commitment to Democratic Party values and to Human Civil Rights. Ous is a safe space. All are welcome, not just LGBT folks.

We hope you’ll consider becoming a partner in one of these committees. With your help, commitment, and enthusiasm we can Turn Horry Blue!

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