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SCDP Alert: Call, Write Congress Now to Block Trumpcare

An urgent message from the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Of all the horrible policies that Trump and the rubber-stamp Republican Congress are trying to enact, probably none would cause as much harm as the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, and the enactment of the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare. To call Trumpcare a replacement for Obamacare is like saying a newspaper is a replacement for an umbrella—it won’t get the job done.

Republicans are trying to rush the bill through before learning the official projections of how many people will lose coverage and how much it will raise our debt (because Trumpcare would cut taxes by hundreds of billions for the top 1%). But it is already clear that if Trumpcare is enacted, millions will lose coverage, and tens of thousands will die prematurely every year. The average South Carolinian currently buying insurance on the ACA marketplace would lose nearly $3,000 if Trumpcare becomes law, putting coverage out of reach for many.

But here’s the good news: passage is by no means a done deal, and we can block Trumpcare and save the ACA. We have to make sure that all of South Carolina’s Republican members of Congress hear loud and clear that Trumpcare is unacceptable to their constituents. The ACA needs to be improved, not gutted. You all know what to do: as a first step, call call call call call. Here are the phone numbers; call them all:

Lindsey Graham: (202) 224-5972, (864) 250-1417, (803) 933-0112, (843) 669-1505, (843) 849-3887, (803) 366-2828, (864) 646-4090

Tim Scott: (202) 224-6121, (803) 771-6112, (864) 233-5366, (843) 727-4525

Mark Sanford: (202) 225-3176, (843) 352-7572, (843) 521-2530

Joe Wilson: (202) 225-2452, (803) 642-6416, (803) 939-0041

Jeff Duncan: (202) 225-5301, (864) 224-7401, (864) 681-1028

Trey Gowdy: (202) 225-6030, (864) 241-0175, (864) 583-3264

Tom Rice: (202) 225-9895, (843) 445-6459, (843) 679-9781

In addition to calling, for an issue of such importance, it’s a good idea to communicate your concerns in writing. Reps. Wilson and Duncan have pages on their websites for constituents to share their stories about how the ACA has affected them. If you live in their districts, share your story about how the ACA has benefited you, your family, and your community, and the harm that will result if Trumpcare is enacted. To share your story with Rep. Wilson, click here; to share your story with Rep. Duncan, click here.

Let’s also share our concerns with Republican members of Congress the old-fashioned way: by writing letters.  Click each name to see the mailing addresses:

Lindsey Graham

Tim Scott

Mark Sanford

Joe Wilson

Jeff Duncan

Trey Gowdy

Tom Rice

Finally, if and when our Republican members of Congress hold town halls and other events in South Carolina, it is essential that we show up in droves to make it clear that Trumpcare is unacceptable. SCDP will share details as we learn them.  (And if some of them don’t hold town halls, we’ll find ways to make ourselves heard in person).

This is our time to stand up for what is right. Let’s fight proudly for the dignity of our fellow South Carolinians and our fellow Americans.

Jaime Harrison, Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party

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