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Community Voices Getting Out the Vote: Focus on Radio Host Leroy Sampson

By V. Susan Hutchinson

Leroy Sampson has been the host of Straight Talk for the last nine months on Conway’s Gospel radio station WPJS AM1330. Sampson’s show airs every Saturday from 11:30am to 12pm. HCDP Chair Don Kohn was a recent guest.

Straight Talk usually focuses on community issues as well as Horry County government, love, family and religious topics. However, Sampson has dedicated the month of October to talking about voting and how important the 2020 General Election is for Horry County. With up to 20,000 listeners all along the east coast of the United States, Leroy’s message resonates with people outside of South Carolina as well.

Although mail-in absentee voting is open to everyone for this election, Sampson tells his listeners that if they really want to ensure their vote is counted, do in-person absentee or go to their polling location on election day. In a year when voter suppression, potential postal issues and intimidation may be seen across the county, everyone must stand up by coming out to vote.

Sampson makes it a point to remind everyone we are still heavily into the COVID-19 pandemic so voters need to be safe when going to the polls by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and using hand sanitizer.

In addition to his weekly radio show, Sampson has been driving around the county putting up campaign signs for Jaime Harrison and other Democratic candidates.

Sampson also wants people to know that the churches in Horry County need to be a vital part of the community and that they can all work together, especially during this election year. He says if any church does not have the ability to get those parishioners who need a ride to the polls on election day, they can contact Cherry Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Conway at 843-248-4900 and they will be happy to assist.

Sampson’s guests on Straight Talk October 24 will be South Carolina Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison and on October 31 he will have 7th Congressional District Candidate Melissa Watson.

As Leroy Sampson says “If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice. Communities grow from that voice.”

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