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SCDP Chair Trav Robertson Comes to Horry County

Above Photo by Bill Friedman
By V. Susan Hutchinson

South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Trav Robertson came to Horry County on Monday, September 19 with the All In for South Carolina tour. Robertson, who became party chair in 2017, has a gift for motivational speaking. His dynamic style draws attention not only to the issues facing South Carolina, it also includes astute, and sometimes taunting remarks about how the GOP is failing on all counts.

In an exclusive interview for HCDP, Robertson, who was excited to be back in Horry County, was candid about what he sees for the Democratic Party here. He stated that “the voters in Horry County are different than anywhere else in the state of South Carolina” and that he had a plan that there should be several offices throughout the county, but the pandemic has put that plan on hold.

Robertson says the All In tour is “a socially distanced way for people to know we are still here and we have not forgotten about Horry County.” When talking about candidates Dr. Bruce Fischer, Tony Cahill and Melissa Watson, Robertson said all would be “great legislators”. He added that “It’s a great time to be running for office in South Carolina.”

On the HCDP advertising and campaign strategy Robertson commented that we had “a great strategy” with our creativity and wise use of resources. Robertson continued by saying he thinks Horry County isn’t a red county, it’s an independent county. He said “Most of the tea party Republicans here would consider themselves independent. That gives us an opportunity to communicate with those individuals.”

Robertson concluded the short interview by saying we need to make sure that if anyone has any issues voting they should call the SCDP Voter Protection Hotline at 1-855-785-0222, which has lawyers on standby.

When speaking at the All In event, Robertson says he is calling this “Votober” and everyone should get out to vote early. Under Trav Robertson’s leadership, South Carolina will definitely be part of the Blue Tsunami that will sweep the country this election year.

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