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Despite It All, We Can’t Give Up. And We Won’t.

by Joan R Sloane.

In the midst of all we have to think about:
A terrible aftermath of the confluence of three hurricanes in the US, especially Hurricanes Irma and Maria, on Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands;
A president who continuously foments racial divide, while ignoring 3.5 million American citizens in dire need of life-saving assistance;
A grievous mass shooting, the worst in our history, with Republicans about to give a pass on gun silencers;
A United States Cabinet ethically compromised beyond belief;
A congress determined to strip all middle class, poor, and vulnerable Americans of healthcare, social justice, and, apparently, every last penny to pad their rich buddies’ pockets.

In the midst of these powerful distractions, we must remember that the American public’s outcry has been instrumental in saving the ACA again and again. That when we and millions of others made our voices heard through emails, postcards, letters, phone calls, and protests, it made a difference.

This Republican-dominated congress will not give up. It will not give up on undermining healthcare through its determination to cut billions from Medicaid. It will not give up on stealing Medicare from seniors by turning it into a voucher system. It will not give up on devouring social programs that support the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens. It will not give up on deregulations that make our environment less livable. It will not give up on chipping away at our basic Constitutional rights.

So we can’t give up either. Let’s remain vigilant, keep writing, emailing, calling, protesting about important issues. Sometimes we’re tired, hey, we just want to live in a normal America!

We’ve never been so scared. No.

We’ve never been so strong.

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