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HCDP Calls on South Carolinians to Join Fight Against Projected Health Benefit Loss to 353,000 Statewide

Conway, SC, May 20–Bennie Swans, chairman of the Horry County Democratic Party, calls for “all people of conscience to undertake a new wave of citizen action” to stop the devastating impact the Republican health care bill would have on South Carolinians and all but wealthy Americans.

Mr. Swans pointed to projections by Families USA which show that 353,000 South Carolinians would “stand to lose their health coverage” and approximately 186,000 state residents who currently get financial assistance to help pay for their health coverage “will lose this help” and “no longer have affordable health care options.” Mr. Swans emphasized that approximately 2 million South Carolinians with pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, and cancer “could once again be denied affordable, comprehensive coverage that actually covers their health care needs.” Individuals would face annual or life-time caps and there would be inequality among costs, particularly among women. In addition, he said, the approximately 995,000 people on Medicaid would have no access to affordable or long-term care.

Mr. Swans also pointed to projections that South Carolina would lose $12 billion in federal funding for Medicaid, CHIP, and financial assistance for marketplace coverage.

According  to Mr. Swans, other projections show a spike in the now-historically low rate of uninsured people, with state uninsured numbers increasing 58 percent by 2019. He said this will “reverse the immense progress” to expand coverage in the sate. From 2013 t0 2015 uninsured numbers declined by 31 percent, and among working people by 28 percent.

In effect, Mr. Swans said, “The average citizen will be priced out of the market.”

“Millions of poor, disabled, elderly, and lower and middle class workers nationwide will bear the burdens of the Republican bill,” he  said, adding “The bill transfers large tax breaks to the wealthy – those who need  this least.”

Mr. Swans noted “Horry Democrats are placing our concerns on record and urge South Carolinians, whatever  race, ethnicity, or income group, to join with us to defeat this bill.”

Families USA is a national non-profit seeking high-quality, affordable health care. This article was originally issued as a press release on May 16.

Press contact: Rosemary Wolfe  843-249-9362 ; HCDP Office 843-488-HCDP

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