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Help For Potential Democratic Political Candidates In Horry County

The Horry County Democratic Party has compiled valuable information for individuals who are interested in pursuing a candidacy as a Democratic candidate in Horry County, South Carolina. This information encompasses various details and guidelines that potential candidates need to be aware of when considering running for office within the Democratic Party in Horry County. It may include information about the nomination process, eligibility criteria, filing requirements, deadlines, and any other pertinent details that can assist individuals in navigating the process of becoming a Democratic candidate in the county. This initiative by the Horry County Democratic Party demonstrates our commitment to fostering political engagement and encouraging individuals to actively participate in the democratic process at the local level.

The James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship

The South Carolina Democratic Party James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship (Clyburn Fellowship) offers leadership, policy, and campaign training to young professionals living in South Carolina. The Clyburn Fellowship was created to develop and train the next generation of Democratic leaders.

Over the course of a year members will meet during four two-day intensive seminars over a twelve-month program. Each session will be led by experienced and accomplished national and state facilitators. These facilitators will help the participants explore the concepts and challenges of party leadership. This includes learning proven campaign strategies and developing skills critical to winning elections. Ultimately this program shapes members on their way to becoming politicians, campaign managers, fundraising directors and consultants in local, county and state party operations.

The goal of the Fellowship is to develop the next generation of leadership and talent in the South Carolina Democratic Party. At the conclusion of the program, each member will be equipped to work in the field of politics that best suits their aspirations. Each will have abilities vital not only to winning offices but governing as well.

The Fellowship is named after one of the most successful Congressmen in the history of the South Carolina Democratic Party. James E. Clyburn is currently serving his second term as House Majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives, making him the third ranking Democrat in Leadership. Previously, Clyburn served as Assistant Democratic Leader, House Democratic Caucus Chairman and Vice Chairman, as well as Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. In 1993, Clyburn became the first African-American to serve in Congress from South Carolina since reconstruction. Before becoming a member of Congress, Clyburn was extremely active in South Carolina politics.

The South Carolina Code of Laws (Title 7 – Elections)

Title 7 of the SC Code of Laws pertains to elections within South Carolina. It describes the laws regarding how to become a candidate, election rules, filing requirements, and other related details.

The South Carolina State Ethics Commission

The SC State Ethics Commission is the agency that enforces state ethics laws. Their website provides public officials, public employees, political parties, and campaigns with information to ensure compliance regarding conduct, financial, campaign, and lobbying disclosure rules.

The National Women’s Political Caucus Online Audio Campaign Training

Whether running for the first time, managing a campaign or seeking re-election, NWPC’s new training programs offer comprehensive leadership & campaign training at all levels.

The National Women’s Political Caucus supports pro-choice women running for elected and appointed office. Though 2018 saw record-breaking numbers of diverse women candidates win their elections, women still hold only 25% of local and state offices, and slightly less at the federal level. The NWPC focuses on recruiting, training, and electing women and regularly holds in-person training sessions. This training manual is meant to help women who cannot attend 2-3 day trainings still receive the necessary information for running successful campaigns.

Candidate Information – South Carolina Election Commission

Our leaders represent what we are as a community, and they hold the power to voice people’s needs and concerns. Information about the candidates wishing to run for a position.

Filing Instructions for Partisan Candidates

This procedure is for partisan candidates filing for federal, state, and county-level offices.

Download a one-page instruction sheet for partisan candidate filing.

If you wish to learn more about becoming a Democratic candidate in Horry County, please Contact Us.

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