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Horry County Honors American Veterans

By John Bitzegaio

#RISEUP! Horry County and show your appreciation for our veterans. This area has a long history of military activities, and many veterans live here in retirement from their service. Services provided by governmental and private organizations are plentiful in Horry County and show how much veterans are appreciated.

The office of Veterans Affairs has a mission of providing education and assistance on the multitude of programs and benefits sponsored by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The Horry County Office is becoming a model for all County Veterans Affairs Offices in the state.

In April a new state-of-the-art clinic facility for veterans opened in Myrtle Beach to provide more veterans a wider range of services for their physical and mental health needs. The facility offers primary care service as well as physical and occupational therapy.  It features over 200 treatment rooms, an optical shop, prosthetic services, dermatology, and podiatry services. Many veterans previously needed to drive to Charleston to receive some of these services.

Numerous Veteran Service Organizations are active in the Myrtle Beach area as well. All offer voluntary services and encourage participation of those they serve.

Visit the Horry County Veterans Affairs website, and to find information on a varied list of Veterans organizations in Horry County such as; American Legion Posts, Disabled American Veterans’ Chapters, Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 925, Rolling Thunder Chapter 3, National Association for Black Veterans Chapter 95.

You can also visit other Veterans resources at:

Daughters of American Revolution, Peter Horry Chapter

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Myrtle Beach Chapter

Women Veterans of America, Myrtle Beach Chapter

Veterans Welcome Home & Resource Center, Little River, SC

Military Officers Association – Grand Strand Chapter

Blue Star Mothers of Coastal Carolina

Nam Knights of American Myrtle Beach Chapter

On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, and all the days hence, let’s #RISEUP and show our support to all of America’s veterans.

Thank a veteran!

Post and share a personal story that shows your gratitude on our Facebook page.

Please help us spread the news about our country’s heroes. With Veteran’s Day Nov. 11, we would like to share stories about our brave, heroic and often humble women and men who served our country. Please share your story about a veteran who has made a difference or an impact on your life or the life of someone you love. Stories about people currently serving in the military are also welcome. To respect people’s privacy, names of those in your story are optional.

Please note: to increase the circulation we encourage others to share these stories on their own social media.

Display Old Glory on Veterans Day

Rise up and display your flag proudly! The US flag is not a domestic political symbol and should never be used as such. It is a partisan symbol, but it is a partisan to the Republic for which it stands. That is all of us! When displaying Old Glory, please abide by conventional flag etiquette. While all Americans have the right to display the flag in any manner they choose, let’s not unintentionally disrespect the flag and the things for which it stands. Examine your flag and make sure it is not tattered or faded and display it appropriately for all to see.

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